Monday, August 25, 2008


I used to love others so that I could get love back. I wanted to be in love with someone so that I could receive love, not necessarily so I could give love.

It created a lot of disjointed relationships where I was constantly frustrated with the amount of love I was not receiving from others. I would cry and whine when I wouldn’t get what I wanted from a specific person.

However, the time came when I realized that I wanted to be someone who wasn’t that petty.

To me, real love is loving someone to the point where you care about their well being even at the expense of your happiness. I want to care about others to the point where I want the best for them, and not just the best thing for them that is also the best for me.

This is the nature of real love: Selflessness. This concept is one that is oftentimes casually dropped out of depictions of love by the mass media. According to the media, the pursuit of love lies in making sure that we are being loved by our partner, instead of loving them in a way that supports their holistic well being!

I want to love someone to the point where I want the best that God has for them.

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