Wednesday, September 3, 2008

worth it

I woke up this morning and I felt a distinct twinge of pain. It twisted and flew in my psyche, eventually mixing into with an aura of hopelessness. I felt immersed in loneliness.

However, in the act of dissecting exactly what was happening to me I realized that praising God is praising Him regardless of our emotions. It is really easy to praise God when we feel “gung ho” about our lives, but what about when we feel like there is no hope?

I once listened to a sermon where the speaker implored us to direct our emotions and release them towards the Lord. When I heard that, I understood what he was saying, but I did not understand why. I now understand why.

In the midst of the possibility of great work that will glorify the Lord, the enemy will try to use everything in adversity to this potential great work. Our weaknesses, our insecurities, everything. The more that we value these things the more that they can be use in opposition to the greatness that can occur.

My weakness is that I value these things. I get so caught up in the things that I want it could stand as a hindrance to giving God the glory.

Are we willing to count everything as loss in exchange for God’s glory? It’s so easy to say yes, but it’s really difficult to mean it. Really meaning this statement means willingness to exchange everything for the possibility of God’s glory. This encompasses two very difficult clauses. The first is the fact that the things that we really value, treasure and like are included in this term “everything”. The second is the fact that we are exchanging these things for the possibility of “successful” service, worship, or praise. This means that the work will not necessarily be immediately or outwardly rewarding. Its not always going to be the greatest worship, the greatest service. It may be mediocre. It may be terrible.

However, the key is, is it still worth it? Are we willing to constantly realize that in recognition of the fact that our Lord sacrificed His life, His everything, and endured unfathomable pain on our behalf, that all these possibilities are worth it?

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